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Welcome to Pool Repair Guys - Your Trusted Partners in Pool and Spa Care!

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Welcome to Pool Repair Guys - Your Trusted Partners in Pool and Spa Repair & Maintenance

At Pool Repair Guys, we’re not just a pool and spa service company; we’re a family dedicated to the well-being of your aquatic oasis. We proudly serve Riverview, Apollo Beach, Ruskin, and their surrounding areas, delivering prompt and professional in-ground pool & spa services.

🌴 Dive into Relaxation with Pool Repair Guys in Apollo Beach, Riverview, and Brandon, Florida! πŸŠβ€β™‚οΈ

Are you in need of top-notch pool and spa repairs in the Apollo Beach, Riverview, or Brandon areas? Look no further than Pool Repair Guys – your local experts in keeping your oasis pristine and enjoyable!

πŸ”§ Our Services:

βœ… Pool Leak Detection and Repair

βœ… Spa and Hot Tub Maintenance

βœ… Pump and Filter System Repairs

βœ… Tile and Coping Restoration

βœ… Deck and Surface Refinishing

πŸ… Why Choose Pool Repair Guys?

1️⃣ Local Experts: Serving Apollo Beach, Riverview, and Brandon with pride.

2️⃣ Swift Response: Timely service to get your pool back in action.

3️⃣ Experienced Technicians: Skilled professionals for every repair need.

4️⃣ Affordable Solutions: Quality repairs without breaking the bank.

5️⃣ Customer Satisfaction: Your happiness is our priority!

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Phone: (656) 800-4871

🌞 Don’t let pool problems ruin your sunny days! Trust Pool Repair Guys for reliable and efficient pool and spa repairs in Apollo Beach, Riverview, and Brandon. Your aquatic paradise is just a call away! 🌊

Excellence in Every Splash

Our Comprehensive Pool Services


Pool Repairs and Maintenance

Our expert technicians at Pool Repair Guys are dedicated to keeping your pool in top-notch condition. From minor repairs to routine maintenance, we ensure that your pool is a source of enjoyment, not stress. Trust us to handle all your pool care needs with precision and care.


Inground Pool and Spa Repairs

Specializing in inground pools and spas, we bring decades of experience to address any issue promptly. Whether it’s a malfunctioning pump or a leaky spa, our team is equipped to handle repairs with skill, ensuring your aquatic haven remains a sanctuary of relaxation.



When unexpected pool emergencies strike, Pool Repair Guys is your reliable partner. We understand the urgency of unforeseen issues, and our responsive team is ready to tackle emergencies swiftly, restoring your pool to its optimal state.



Transform your pool into a masterpiece with our pool renovation services. Whether you’re looking for a modern upgrade or a complete aesthetic overhaul, we bring creativity and expertise to breathe new life into your pool, making it a stunning focal point.


Expert Leak Detection Services

Our cutting-edge technology allows us to pinpoint and address leaks in pools of all brands. Don’t let a hidden leak cause further damageβ€”trust Pool Repair Guys for precise leak detection services, ensuring the longevity and integrity of your pool.

At Pool Repair Guys, we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet all your pool-related needs. Dive into excellence with our trusted pool services.

Why Choose Pool Repair Guys

Family-Centric Approach

Like a family, we understand the value of personalized service. At Pool Repair Guys, we treat every client with respect, caring for your pool as if it were our own. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Knowledge Meets Experience

Our commitment to ongoing training and education ensures that we stay at the forefront of both old and new technologies. This wealth of knowledge and experience empowers us to provide you with a range of options and solid solutions, whether you’re facing repairs, replacements, or contemplating a complete pool renovation.

Service Areas

We proudly extend our services to Riverview, Apollo Beach, Ruskin, and their surrounding areas. No matter where you are, our dedicated team is ready to elevate your pool experience.

Prompt and Professional

With Pool Repair Guys, expect nothing but prompt and professional service. We understand the importance of timely maintenance and repairs to keep your pool in optimal condition.

Ready to experience the Pool Repair Guys difference?

Contact us today to schedule your next pool service, repair, or consultation. Your pool deserves the best, and we're here to deliver it!

Customer Stories that Make Waves

Discover What Our Clients Have to Say

"Pool Repair Guys truly surpassed my expectations! Their prompt responses and meticulous attention to detail throughout the repair process showcased unparalleled professionalism. Thanks to their expertise, my pool now shines brighter than ever. I highly recommend their services, especially for their exceptional pool leak detection and repair in the Riverview, Apollo Beach, and Ruskin areas."
Jessica M.
Apollo Beach
"I can't speak highly enough about the Pool Repair Guys team! Their passion and expertise in pool renovations transformed my outdated pool into a modern marvel. Micah and his crew not only displayed immense professionalism but also a genuine love for their craft. Their dedication to excellence is truly commendable. Thanks to their exceptional work in tile and coping restoration, my pool has become the talk of the neighborhood!"
Brian T.